Termatrac Termite Detector

Termatrac T3i removes the fear of failing to identify the presence of termites


The Termatrac T3i is the most advanced termite detection device in the world. The unique termite detection radar does what no other detector has ever been able to do. It sends out radar through most common wall materials that locates and tracks the presence of termites, without the need for tapping or drilling holes in the walls for easy and accurate treatment. The moisture sensor confirms that conditions need further investigation. The moisture component enables the professional pest control technician to easily identify areas of excess moisture as a possible risk area for termites. The moisture sensor is so sensitive it can even pinpoint rising damp. The remote thermal sensor with built-in laser pointer shows changes in surface temperature; a common sign of termite infestation. Please click on the link for a brochure on the Termatrac T3i  http://www.termatrac.com/files/termatrac-t3i-brochure.pdf